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DIPON® Alcohol Inks are liquid quick-drying color concentrates for Transparent or translucent colors.

DIPON® Alcohol Inks are suitable for:

  • Epoxy resin (eg for coloring for River tables, etc. Jewelry)
  • Stof f (any kind of fabric such as shirts, shoes, fabric ceilings)
  • Screens (canvas)
  • Hydrophobic synthetic watercolor paper (Yupo paper)
  • Glass (Excellent smooth surface for free-flowing ink)
  • Metal (jewelery, pendants, earrings and many other forms)

DIPON® Alcohol Pearls are alcohol based, almost drying Effect Pigments Which allow to create spectacular Pearlescent- or metallic effects.

DIPON® Alcohol Pearls are suitable for:

  • Epoxy Resin (Resin type) for free flowing textures and vibrant effects,
  • Fabrics (any kind like cloth or shoes to pillows and bedsheets)
  • Clayboards (Canvas for Artists)
  • Ceramics (incl. Vases, tiles & other shapes)
  • Metal (jewlery, pendants, bracelets, earrings and other shapes)
  • Yupo Paper (stamping, card making, signs, backgrounds, individual paintings, letters)
  • Glass (Excellent surface for free flowing textures)

Properties I Properties:

  • Fast drying I Fast Drying
  • Hervorrägende saturation coverage I Excellent
  • Excellent course I Excellent flowing properties
  • Completely alcohol-based I Completely alcohol based


  • droplets drops way into the desired media. the saturation is added, the more concentrated the stronger.
  • A bottle (20 ml) is sufficient by 7.5 – 15.0 kg epoxy resin to color (hue dependent)


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